2017 Music Nova Scotia Booking Agent

Booking Agent Award 2017.jpg

This past weekend at I (Jason MacIsaac) was named Music Nova Scotia "Booking Agent Of The Year"! I'm really shitty at doing public speeches, but if you're drunk with me in a hotel or bar, I'll talk your ear off about stupid stories for hours 😁

I'm honestly really lucky to work with some of the best artists from the East Coast of Canada, and beyond, and do want to thank them and their extended teams for working with me at The MacIsaac Agency. I'm thankful for the opportunities, and that you deal with me in the best of times, and the hectic times!

Big shout out to all the other folks who dedicate their time to being a music agent. It's a wild, tireless and never-ending job and takes a certain type person to be able to commit to doing this.

HUGE thank you to all the festivals, promoters, venues, etc that give these artists the performance opportunities!

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