The MacIsaac Agency is a Halifax based artist booking agency representing emerging and international touring artists from a diverse variety of musical genres. Founded by musician and Music Nova Scotia award winning agent Jason MacIsaac, the agency was formed in 2006 as JJ Bookings and renamed in early 2015. 

Beginning as an outlet to book bands Jason performed in,  the company evolved into a booking service for artists looking to tour on the East Coast of Canada. Past shows and tours were booked for artists such as The Mahones, Sean Ashby (guitarist for Sarah McLachlan), The Ascot Royals, The Dreadnoughts, X-Prime and former Arkells Keyboardist Dan Griffin to name a few.  While still offering the service of tour booking for other artists, the agency developed a full time artist roster and now is home to some of the top acts from the East Coast of Canada, developing acts from both Canada and the U.S.  and has been a strong part in the career development of past roster clients such as Gloryhound, The Stogies and Jay Smith (former guitarist for Matt Mays). 


JASON MACISAAC  |  Agent & Founder


Born in a small town on Cape Breton Island, Jason began chasing his love of music at the age of 14, learning guitar and joining high school bands before moving to Halifax after graduation. Performing in local acts and fronting his own band, Jason became a guitarist and founding member of international touring act The Stanfields when the band developed in 2008. 

Nominated seven years consecutively as "Booking Agent Of The Year" at Nova Scotia Music Week, Jason received industry recognition, winning the award 5 times in 2012, 2013, and 2015 through 2018 and has worked with stand out and multiple award winning acts such as Dylan Menzie, Like A Motorcycle, Rawlins Cross, The Stanfields and The Town Heroes.


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